Sean Dooley, author of the ‘Big Twitch’, is aboard and about to cross live from the river for his regular radio segment. I have a grand plan but will it work?

We’re out on the river and Sean Dooley – author, birdwatcher, comedian – is on standby to talk on the radio. He’ll report that he’s escorting UK birding identity Stephen Moss around North Queensland visiting the best birding businesses. The perfect scenario for me is to find the most sought-after bird on the river for Sean to report rapturously on the radio.  The tide is just right. The conditions are right. I’m scanning hard. I send up a silent prayer. And there it is. I can scarcely believe it. Perfect! We proceed to watch the Great-billed Heron foraging knee deep in muddy water for the entire duration Sean is on the radio. Everyone’s rapturous. I love it when a plan comes together!

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