The aim is symbiotic. Steve & Martin hope to obtain images of the river and its avian inhabitants and I’ll get to use some. But what will we find?

I meet my famous passengers for a late afternoon cruise. Despite the poor conditions – low light and periodic drizzle – we persist and Freshwater Mangrove flowers, Azure Kingfisher and Great-billed Heron each become the focus of very expensive cameras. As conditions decline we decide to reconvene in the morning. Before departing, Steve expresses his hope for mist on the water in early morning light. I decline to inform him that I think there is no chance, just impossible, as such sights occur in winter, several months past. You can imagine my delight then upon finding the river cocooned in a serene nebulous mist in the subdued light of dawn. Pure serendipity! The next hour is magical with the river at its most picturesque. Martin and Steve work quickly skillfully capturing stunning images of riverine scenery – many that have been used on my new website. Thank you gentlemen, it was a pleasure to have you aboard!

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