A limited number of cruises are provided each week on the Mossman River. Mossman cruises provide an exploration of the scenic tidal estuary, where the river meets the ocean, and provides a unique insight to the flora and fauna restricted to the saline environment. Flora and fauna observed on Mossman cruises is largely different from that observed on a cruise of the freshwater section of the Daintree River.

Tours are professionally conducted in a small, comfortable, open vessel which enables a quiet, intimate exploration of the river. The ‘Daintree Boatman’ is the only operator to provide nature cruises on the Mossman River.


  • Limited number of cruises per week due to appropriate tides.
  • Cruises depart from the public boat ramp at Newell Beach.
  • Newell Beach is 5 kilometres north of the town of Mossman.
  • Boat ramp is at the end of Rankin Street.
  • Maximum of 12 passengers.
  • Boat has comfortable swivel seats.
Mossman River Cruise (2 hours)

Highlights of a cruise on the Mossman include stunning views across the sea to Port Douglas, a unique insight into the tidal mangrove environment, as well as close views of crocodiles and saltwater birds. Birds that are unique to saltwater environs include Beach Stone Curlew, Mangrove Robin, Collared Kingfisher, as well as terns and waders that undertake an incredible migration each year between the North and South Hemisphere. Birdlife seen on recent Mossman River cruises can be observed on the eBird website.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $60 Adult, $40 Child

A combination of cruises on the saline Mossman River and the mostly freshwater Daintree River enables a great comparison of the rivers and the largely different flora and fauna or each river. Dual cruises are offered for a total of $100 per adult.

Contact me:

Murray Hunt, ph 0417 651 929 boatman@daintreerivertours.com.au


Birds seen on cruises are reported to the eBird website. Click on the logo to see what has been seen on recent cruises.


Mossman River Cruise

Mossman River cruises depart from here

Mossman River cruises depart from the public boat ramp at the end of Rankin St, Newell Beach. 

If using a navigation tool, nearest address is 32 Rankin St, Newell Beach.