Azure Kingfisher, photo by Murray Hunt

Little Kingfisher, photo by Tony Whitehead ( Daintree Boatman, Murray Hunt  







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  Bird-watching Road Tours to Key Regional Sites


Click links for images                              the 'Boatman',  Sunset Canapes,         Eclectus Parrot, Palm Cockatoo,   Golden-shouldered Parrot


Want to see the best the region has to offer?

Daintree Boatman Nature Tours is also able to provide outstanding multi-day road tours around the local area or further afield to iconic locations such as Iron Range and Lakefield National Parks.

All road tours are conducted in a comfortable air-conditioned 4WD with a maximum of four passengers. Pick-up and drop off to accommodation and/or airport included. Enquire via email for prices and other considerations.

Wet Tropics Quick Break                                                     Fly into Cairns for 3 or 4 days to explore this birding wonderland. View the twelve local endemics and other key birds and animals, enjoy a superb dawn cruise on the Daintree River, explore key sites on the Atherton Tablelands, and marvel at a free-ranging cassowary whilst staying at Cassowary House in the rainforest of Kuranda.  

Lakefield National Park Adventure                                   The Lakefield/Musgrave area has a number of 'special' birds including Golden-shouldered Parrot and Red Goshawk amongst many others. Come on a 3 day tour to view the best of this area. Add another day for a Daintree River cruise and a trip up Mt. Lewis to view Wet Tropic region endemics.

Great Northern Parks Adventure                                        Fly into Iron Range to spend a couple of days viewing Eclectus and Palm Cockatoos amongst others before driving back to Cairns via Lakefield National Park to view finches, owls, and Golden-shouldered Parrot. Also experience the Bloomfield Track, a Daintree cruise and a visit to Mt. Lewis to view Wet Tropic region endemic species. 7 or 8 day duration.

GSP Photographic Expedition              The Golden-shouldered Parrot is a rare Cape York endemic that has the distinction of nesting in terrestrial termite mounds. Its continued survival is dependent on cattle station owners that are devotees to their conservation. Come on a 4 day expedition to observe and photograph these iconic parrots from a camouflaged hide, and meet Sue Shephard, owner of Artemis Station and renown champion of this species. Tour provided annually in the 3rd week of May. Lakefield N.P. visit, and Daintree River cruise provided if time permits.

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