Little Kingfisher, photo by Tony Whitehead ( Daintree Boatman, Murray Hunt  





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  Superb Wildlife Cruises on the Daintree River 

Click links for images    On the Water,    Gums on Barratt Creek, Hitchin' a Ride, Saltwater Croc, Green Tree Snake,     Azure Kingfisher, Shining Flycatcher

Recent Testimonials

"We had a perfect experience. We would very much recommend doing this trip".

"If you are looking for a personal experience then this is the trip to do".

"I would unhesitatingly recommend the dawn cruise not only for heavy duty birders but also for people with an interest in nature and beautiful places".

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Want to see the Daintree River at its best? Enjoy a personalised small group experience!

A cruise with Daintree Boatman Nature Tours is the best way to observe the birds and reptiles of the Daintree rainforest. Tours are professionally conducted in a small, comfortable, open vessel which enables a quiet, intimate exploration of the river with clear view of birds and animals in the trees and sky above. Crocodiles, snakes, and rare birds are seen on most cruises with an average of 45 wildlife species seen or heard per tour.


Dawn Birdwatching Cruise (2hrs)                      COST: Adult $60, Child $35                                            WHERE: Cruises depart Daintree Village Jetty            WHEN: Apr & May 6.40am;   June & July 7am;                Aug, Sept, Oct 6.40am;   Nov, Dec, Jan 6.20am

Late Afternoon Nature Cruise (2hrs)               COST: Adult $60, Child $35                                            WHERE: Cruises depart Daintree Village Jetty            WHEN: Apr & May 4.15pm;   June & July  4pm;                Aug, Sept, Oct 4.15pm;   Nov, Dec, Jan 4.30pm             

NEW! Mossman River Nature Cruise (2hrs)           A cruise on the estuarine Mossman River provides close observation of the mangrove ecosystem and access  to key saltwater birds such as Beach Stone-curlew, Collared Kingfisher & waders. It also provides great views along the coast from Port Douglas to Daintree National Park.        COST: Adult $75, Child $35                                            WHERE: Cruises depart Newell Beach boat-ramp.       WHEN: Availability dependant on tide.

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