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Current Boatman: Murray Hunt

For more than a dozen years Murray has worked as a nature guide at a number of great locations around Australia, including Kakadu, Uluru, Cape York and Lamington National Park. Along the way he's had the pleasure of being a boat guide on Yellow Water Billabong, guiding visitors amongst the sea-lions on Kangaroo Island, driving 4WD buses at O’Reilly’s Guesthouse, bird guiding at Lotusbird Lodge, and witnessing the colours of each passing season in Central Australia.

He has a passion for wildlife with a specialist interest in birdlife. He has participated in a multitude of avian conservation activities with an eclectic mix of birds including two of New Zealand’s rarest birds - Kakapo and Black Robin. He currently serves as the secretary of the northern QLD branch of BirdLife Australia. In his free-time he is most likely to be found birdwatching, reading, watching footy, watching 'bad' reality TV, geocaching, or scuba diving (usually not more than two of these at the same time).


  The Moment of Freedom - intentional translocation and release of endangered Brown Teal in NZ The Boatman meets the Fat Budgie - assisting with the recovery program of the flightless Kakapo in NZ


Past Boatman: Chris Dahlberg

Chris Dahlberg’s name is synonymous with providing outstanding nature and bird viewing cruises on the Daintree River. In 1992, he pioneered small personalised cruises conducted at the time when the wildlife is most active – dawn - utilising a stable, open vessel for clear viewing of wildlife in the trees and skies overhead. For eighteen years, he provided access to wonderful scenery and difficult to find birdlife and is justifiably well-known domestically and internationally. Over the years his skills were utilised by a myriad of nature film makers, nature writers and guides.

Chris' endorsement

"Whilst working together I was impressed with Murray's skills in finding and identifying wildlife and his friendly interaction with guests. I'm pleased that a guide of his ability will continue my tradition of providing this premier Daintree Cruise".


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